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Inner Power from Self Defense

Self-defense classes are nothing new and frankly are here to stay and that’s a good thing.

These classes or workshops can be an amazing experience for those that attend.

Many participants will attend these classes as a group of friends and this is very beneficial. It is always good to have someone you feel comfortable with helping you learn something new. After all, everyone is a bit narcissistic in any physical training type setting.

Probably the most important thing to come from these classes is that anyone can defend themselves with extreme effectiveness. Most women will say “I will just kick him in the balls” but without some training in self-defense this thinking can get them seriously injured or become a victim in some way. It can’t be overstated that without a plan of action, such over confidence is dangerous and unrealistic.

Find a class that teaches real world self-defense and will allow you to communicate freely in class to ask questions and take the time to make sure you understand the how and why behind each movement or concept. Make sure the moves and techniques you learn are easy to replicate at a split seconds notice and can become muscle memory for when you need them. It’s ok to have fun while you learn too.

If you have a partner you trust, a teacher that can show you the way to easy self-defense and the right mindset, you are already half way to being that “ninja” you know is inside you just waiting to be let out.

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