This program includes instruction in Shaolin Fist Way Kung Fu (combining high kicks of the North and grounded strikes of the South to create northern leg - southern fist 5 animal style), Close Combat (Military Hand to Hand Combat) and Kickboxing (Incorporating North American, European and Eastern systems).

Grade in 3 styles at once!

This isn't your average "karate class" this is real martial arts with a real approach to training and real life self defense that covers all ranges of combat.



Our kickboxing incorporates a multi disciplinary system that includes North American Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Chinese San Shou, Savate and  other Asian and European styles of kickboxing.

In order to grade in this system you do need to spar.

MMA has become a household term as a sport.  We include sport MMA techniques as well as real self defense techniques for a true form of Mixed Martial Arts.

This training is covered in the Adult martial arts programs.


Real world self defense without the traditional teachings of most martial arts.

This is hand to hand combat as taught to military personal throughout the world. Designed to take soldiers from no experience to deployment in a short period of time.  

Incorporates Canadian, United States, Russian, French, German and Israeli teachings to give a fully rounded system of hand to hand combat and defense.  This is real world combat!

Aside from real world self defense skills you will learn self discipline and an indomitable will to dominate in your stressed out life!


Based on the 8 tenants of the Hyper program and combines Traditional Kicks with Tricking, Weapons,  Acrobatics and Sport Karate. Get creative with a modern approach to fitness, and self-defense techniques that are easy and practical while performing those awesome techniques you see in the movies!

Stand out while fitting in by adding your personal style while training this system.

Teaching respect, self confidence and goal setting to build stronger people in a competitive world!




Private Instruction for those that want a full throttle, immersive and intensive martial arts training regiment.  Individual, online or small group rates.  Single online lessons are a fantastic and affordable way to start your training with a hectic schedule or other restrictions.  Train at your own pace as little as 2x per month with additional help in-between online lessons.

Personal Fitness Training also available *

We focus on technical excellence in martial skills 
Improving not only your self defense skills but also coordination, fitness, mobility, strength, flexibility, confidence and a positive way to deal with anxiety in your day to day!



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