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All martial arts schools are not the same

I get it, there are a dozen martial arts schools in Kelowna so how is STMA different?

Firstly, we will explore the actual martial arts training. Most people imagine a group of white uniform wearing student performing routine patterns and performing kicks with a lot of yelling. Although all martial arts training has similarities, here are some of the ways we are different:

- STMA combines multi-disciplines into our programs and students can grade in up to 4 systems at a time.

- We believe in being a group of like minded individuals that have fun while we train and it's ok to be yourself and "stand out while fitting in".

- STMA is as much committed to making better people fit to dominate in the real world than just at a competition.

- We will teach you how to combine the traditional teachings with a modern approach to make what you learn effective for self defense today and not just "do it this way because that is the traditional way".

- You progress at your level and not every 3 month term. Life is full of challenges and we appreciate that you might need more or less time to achieve your goals. There is no time limit on success.

Next, we will explore the business side of the martial arts. Throughout time, all martial arts teachers were paid to pass on their knowledge. Shaolin monks were given gifts of food and essentials, teachers in villages were treated as honored leaders and paid accordingly and the best teachers were given a position in the royal court and treated to a very comfortable lifestyle for the services they provided. Many martial arts today follow a business model that charges for lessons, registration, additional programs or classes, testing and has more "up-selling" once a student is hooked in the training. This is not a model my integrity will not allow me to follow. This is how STMA is different as a business:

- You are never charged a registration fee to become a member. It is my pleasure and I am honored to have you as a student.

- We don't wear traditional uniforms but take a modern approach to training and so we wear T-shirts.

- There is only a fee to test for Black Belt because this is done outside of class and takes a few hours. You will always feel like you earned your rank and not just because you attended the required classes.

- There is no "up-selling" to a new program or class. You should be learning what you want from day 1. Anything "special" should be included in the regular program.

I hope this will have you thinking about looking closer at a school before choosing where to start your journey.

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